“Shop the Eras” Studio Clean-Out



Taylor Swift’s current tour inspired this studio clean-out event. I’m nostalgically honoring the “Eras of F.A.C.E.” over the past decade while gearing up for what’s next. 

Most people change around the new year, but I’ve acquired an immense itch for transition this Spring. F.A.C.E is taking full advantage of this season of new growth and becoming the next version of itself. This means paying homage to past versions while cleaning out the studio and selling certain sentimental items to make room for the new! One person’s past is another person’s future! It all starts with the closet, materials and everyday surroundings. 

Come shop the existing eras of F.A.C.E. (years 2013-2023). Consider it an “aesthetic indoor yard sale”! I’ll be selling festive clothing, unique studio decor, art, smaller furniture items and random accessories that have played integral parts in the chapters of F.A.C.E. thus far.

Below, enjoy reading my diary excerpts from each era. I’ve personally defined my life chapters by hair colors for the past 10 years. Who knows if I’ll continue to change my hair hues in the future. I’ve stood “au natural” for the past 3 years and find it comforting because it’s my color, unique to me. I’m a self-mythologizer, so reflecting on symbolism ascribed to each “hair era” fascinates me!


Cash, check or Venmo accepted for studio clean-out items.

*No credit card. No returns.*

Signature creepy tees will be revived and included as studio clean-out items: Only $5!

Regular F.A.C.E. retail shop accepts cash, check, card or Venmo.



“I just moved from NYC back to Paducah to start F.A.C.E. Makeup Artistry. Everything is new, exciting and yet extremely stressful. I’m living in mom and Stan’s basement while I find my footing. I think I found a tiny room with its own separate entrance downtown. This will help me keep my overhead expenses as low as possible. It’s important for me to have a space that ties into the history of Paducah.

I’m brainstorming unique marketing ideas and I really want to create an event called the “Beauty Egg Hunt”: a tweak on the traditional pastime, but have beauty products inside the Easter eggs instead of candy.

I’m also going to be a vendor with my makeup booth on Warped Tour this year. I feel that makeup goes quite hand-in-hand with music. They both bring something from the inside to the exterior when applied/played. Makeup applications can actually enhance the musical and artistic expression that Warped Tour is all about!”

50/50 Era


“I’ve changed. I feel like I’m walking a tightrope. On one side is my past. On the other, my future. Which side will I fall onto if I can’t make it across? I tend to express things literally. Even the middle part feels symbolic of the finite present. It also represents my inner battle of wanting to stand out and blend in at the same time. The dual concept of “manufactured-yet-authentic” is present because half of my hair is dyed an artificial hue while the other side consists of natural strands.”

I earned “Entrepreneur of the Year” at the Paducah Chamber awards banquet! I suppose leaning towards my future (solopreneurship) vs. my past (amateur) has gained recognition! It feels good to be acknowledged as a local successful business owner with unique ideas and pursuits. It seems beauty industry professionals aren’t typically recognized for being high-flyers, so this feels particularly special.

I collaborated with X-Rea Productions and did a silly video studio tourMTV Cribs style.

I’ve started to promote my passion project: Refurbishing vintage makeup compacts. I struggle finding unique packaging for my makeup line, so why not use beautiful pieces that already exists in the world? The “beauty blend” of the cosmetic past (compact vessel) with the present (modern product) creates a lasting keepsake & art piece to accompany in the future.”

Creative Era


I watched a flick called “Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things”. It was so inspiring. I adored the concept of being able to do more with less. I did a round of decluttering and found my old passport. That made me realize how much I want to prioritize travel while I’m young and my expenses are still generally low. I booked a Christmas/birthday trip to Los Angeles as a USA “warm up”. Then, I want to actually use my passport and travel internationally! I also signed up for a Southwest credit card, so I can build up travel points to pay for my domestic flights!

I’m so curious and excited to learn more about the world and myself. I plan on bringing the refurbished souvenir-style compacts on my travels and using them as little maps to explore!”

Blank Slate Era


“I’m having growing pains. I’ve dedicated enough time in one location and framework to understand what I want to change and what I want to stay the same. I appreciate this understanding. I’m nervous to pursue the changes I know I need to make, because the results aren’t guaranteed to come. But, continuing the way I am will burn me out completely. It’s the beginning of a new year, so the invitation is wide open to everyone to level up. I’m going to get organized about my transitions.

I got a Mini Cooper! I’ve wanted one since high school, so this is such an exciting purchase. It’s bright red and has baby moon hubcaps!”

Caution Era


“I closed on a piece of property. I own real commercial estate! It’s an empty lot, so I am going to build my very own brick-and-mortar makeup studio in midtown Paducah! I’m very excited about this decision, but I’m nervous because I’ve never done this before and I will be paying rent for my current space while building the new one. My travel budget will need to transfer to this business transition. I’m losing a fragment of my current identity to generate a new chapter.

I need to figure out a way to market on the actual property until the space exists. I want to install a temporary door with “F.A.C.E.” printed on it to get people curious when they walk or drive by. I love marketing!”

Back to Roots Era


“I feel like I’m beginning again. I’m grateful to be 100% in my new studio and out of the old one. Straddling spaces felt like living 2 different lives. My business and I survived this transition during the Covid pandemic. Travel and “experimental hair color” budgets have transferred over to reinvesting in F.A.C.E.

I want to leave social media. I get upset thinking about how much time I dedicate to looking down and scrolling. Comparing myself to others doesn’t serve me either. I feel sick. I worry about getting rid of it, because I generate some income from posting on social media. Ultimately, I know there would be something better for me on the other side of its absence. 

I’m not a parent, but I assume owning a business is a lot like having a child. F.A.C.E. never leaves my mind, requires more money and attention than I could ever imagine, and needs continual nourishment to grow. I’m a better person through owning a business though. This, I know in absolute. Bless the parents who also own small businesses! I want to have a business shower for F. A.C.E..”