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Experiment Until It Feels Like It’s Yours

“You experiment. You play around with it until it belongs to you, and hopefully feels fresh and new.” 

It took so many versions, edits, and tests to circle around to the simplicity of refurbishing vintage compacts. **And to note, simple ain’t easy.** These historical beauty vessels all come in different shapes and sizes, from different places, staking claim in demand for their own uniqueness, just like the faces of guests who purchase them.

Compacts so intricately detailed in design are sustainable beauty packaging options and escort more minimal makeup routines through refillable cosmetic options. You don’t have to indirectly hoard prepackaged shades you won’t use or don’t relish.

Today, F.A.C.E. Makeup Artistry’s  “Listener Tip” was featured on “The Minimalists” podcast, relaying how to trickle the practice of minimalism into our makeup routines (peep around the 36 minute mark). Our refurbished vintage compact initiative embodies a system to inspire, remove makeup clutter, and subscribe to sustainable beauty solutions.

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