Bridal Makeup Makeup Tips

Bridal Makeup Lessons From A Documentary

We’ve been watching a handful of wedding movies lately. They’re such useful tools to study different aspects of a bride’s experience on her wedding day. A mockumentary on HULU titled “Breakup At A Wedding” showcases 5 fabulous lessons about bridal makeup in a certain scene:

1. Makeup Artists should definitely take a non-refundable retainer like other wedding vendors, to protect their business during cancellations (I Do!)

2. Refrain from a family member/friend who does their own makeup well as the sole/main criteria for saving money and doing the job at the same caliber on a different face.

3. A Bridal Preview (AKA “Trial Run”) is imperative to schedule. This ensures a bride walks into wedding day feeling confident, knowing the makeup look has already been designed and worn for a test drive.

4. Allow extra time for moments where the person doing makeup has to pause due to head turning, talking and phone checking. *There are typically 60 of these moments during any given wedding day application.

5. Be 100% honest with the person doing your makeup. It’s usually easier to communicate edits with a professional beauty service provider because it doesn’t become personal (as it might become with a family member/friend) . You’re a paying client who has stake in the collaboration. 

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