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Sustainability + Customization

F.A.C.E. Makeup Artistry previously offered a custom eyeshadow palette that, like many others in the industry, was produced using plastic and paper materials. This design required clients to repurchase an entire new palette when a single shade ran out, leading to unnecessary waste. Furthermore, the buffers between the eyeshadows limited the number of shades that could fit within the compact.

In a commitment to sustainability and customization, F.A.C.E. now refurbishes vintage makeup compacts. This innovative approach allows clients to personalize their eyeshadows, cheek, and face powders. The refurbished compacts offer more room per square inch and eliminate the need for unwanted shades. Refilling a shade is simple and efficient, enhancing the makeup experience and promoting environmental responsibility.

This blend of cosmetic history and modern convenience creates timeless keepsakes and art pieces. Clients enjoy selecting a unique compact and customizing it with their preferred colors.

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