Being resentment-free

Sunday brunch day dates

Black nail polish season

Perfect fall weather on Halloween

Fresh air


Reading tiny books

Sinking into the couch and journaling

Seeing a smiling dog sticking its head out of the sunroof of a moving vehicle

Spooky wind on Halloween weekend

Cleaning up energy


Last minute trivia team assemblies

The freedom that comes with living alone

Photos of John Mayer and Jon Hamm

Solo trip planning

Solid weekend plans


Honest money

Friendly honks from people who see me walking my dog

Sitting in a different corner of my home for new perspectives

Fall foliage in Paducah peeping through

Food that is equally beautiful as it is delicious


Gym friends

Not freaking out, when I could

Floor cushions as giant couch pillows

Clean money flow

Picking out new kitchen countertops


Purring kitties sitting on laps of humans doing computer work

Insanely large velvet pillows that cozy up living rooms

Bath salts on display, so the eucalyptus scent naturally fills the room

Journaling in small black leather booklets

Complete silence


Money corners

Immersion in changing weather via dog walks

Warm vintage porch lighting

Showering to classical music

Talking to animals


Morning Care Bear binge watches

Daydreaming via Pinterest boards

French lessons as background language

Clear blue skies to admire from desk window

Freshly winded windows


Satin black wrap dresses

Waking up to the moon beaming in through a window

French café tile flooring

FaceTime phone calls of “We’re Engaged!” from my sister

Gorgeous night’s sleep


Two bridal makeup bookings in one day

Filling 2022 calendars with fun plans and collaborations

The refreshing energy that comes from rearranging furniture

Mood lighting

Productive gym soreness


Prisms as knife rests

Freshly waxed wooden floors

Reusing fan lamp shades as (battery operated) candle sconces

3 squeezed lemons in ice cold water

Personal rebranding


Dinners beside fireplaces

Stocked lemon slices to promote water consumption

Pretty breakfast tablescapes

Skimming through old books on its underlined portions

Have you lost weight?” question/compliment


New season of YOU

Hunts for mantlepiece focal art

Waking up to a kitty snuggled under my arm and a doggy cuddled up by my leg

Celebrating the end of a certain business chapter

This quote: “…The way the flaws in a creative scheme can be even more important than the things you get right.” -Mike Skinner


Fish fry gatherings on family farms

The rare Diet Coke splurge

Switching over to flannel sheets

Clients who become real friends

Steamy dreams


Window seating in Italian restaurants

Over-the-knee suede boot moments

Learning new words and their definitions

Thin stems on red wine glasses

The quote: “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”


Discovering new-ish Anthony Green interviews

Spooky pop Spotify playlists

Refrigerated chocolates

The satisfaction of going up in lifting weights at the gym

Rainy rainy evenings in bed


Clothing garments that fit just right

Midday champagne toasts

Group texts celebrating mini milestones

Attending live podcast recordings on The Minimalists “Love People, Use Things” tour | Nashville stop

Running into in-town friends on out-of-town vacations


Stimulation from browsing oil painting canvas paintings

Overnight stays at fairy cottages

Meaningful conversations around evening fire pits

Morning hikes when the dew is still on the ground

Waking up with nature as an alarm clock


Tiny buildings as offices

Infinite pools with mountain views

Pink roses on pink diner tables

Seas of vintage luggage trolleys

Swinging bridges over friendly creeks


Afternoon tea in large ballrooms

Professional piano covers of “The Black Parade” by My Chemical Romance in bougie resorts

Reading “Decorating Is Fun” by Dorothy Draper surrounded by her work

The concept of home perfume

Hikes alongside golf courses


Scenic overlooks paired with autumn air

Small town Main Streets

Checkered floors

Champagne offerings upon check-in

Interior decorations that evoke emotions


Positive distance

Stickers and “Road Trip” penciled into physical calendars

Free snack coupons

Hotel room coffee makers

Donuts as midday snacks


Sister phone calls

Appreciating items of clothing as they get packed for fun trips

Last minute friend meetups

Texts from The Minimalists

Singles travel groups


Sweeping hills with yellow crops at sunset

The book “The Story of The Streets”

Back-to-back compliments on my velvet shoes

Dream journaling for better self-understanding

Driving in a freshly detailed vehicle


Noticing synchronicities among new people I meet

Saying “yes” to random favors when it feels right

Treating life as an adventure

Minestrone soup on cool evenings

The notion: “I’ll know it when I see it. I’m not trying to make what I see, be it.”


Finishing what was started

Impeccable posture

Redefining “home”

Counting down days until scenic road trips


Contrast for understanding what I do and don’t want

Strangers wheeling over to me in rolling chairs to strike up conversations

Epic sweats during spin classes

Blue suede jackets

Physical photographs


Iconic makeup looks in films

Last minute invites for sunset brewery hangs

Meeting sweet animals

Therapeutic solo drives

Deep cleaning spaces while listening to classical music


Hitting the 90 day mark on a routine

Renting movies with subtitles I’ve wanted to watch for a long time

Sleeping with the windows open, to mimic the feeling of camping

Honoring personal and professional values

Ordering a 2022 planner, reflecting excitement for the future


BBQ sandwiches paired with ice cold Pepsis

Singing songs with friends at Lucero concerts

Deep, uninterrupted sleeps

Being genuinely happy for other people’s well deserved successes

Perspectives from doing something routine at a different time of day


A brand new month

Red wine season

Living footsteps from local music festivals

Listening to clients’ stories while they’re sitting in the makeup chair

A stranger knocking on my studio door, complimenting how cute the building is