The popularity of brides booking in-person and virtual private makeup lessons at F.A.C.E. is on the rise, offering several benefits:

1. Allows brides to express their personal style confidently and saves money by mastering makeup application themselves.

2. Learning in advance also ensures the bride’s look is perfected over time, with the added convenience of not being bound to an appointment time on the wedding day.

3. Skills acquired extend beyond the wedding, empowering brides to maintain their beauty routine long after the ceremony ends.

  1. Am I comfortable and confident enough to do my own makeup on my wedding day?
  2. Do I have the time and dedication to practice and perfect my makeup skills leading up to the wedding?
  3. Am I looking to save money on makeup services and invest in learning a valuable skill for the future?
  4. Do I want the flexibility to experiment with different makeup looks and products before deciding on my final wedding day look?
  5. Will I feel more at ease knowing I have complete control over my makeup without being dependent on a professional appointment schedule on the wedding day?

For basic bridal makeup education, F.A.C.E. also offers a pre-recorded DIY BRIDE virtual makeup class. It can be infinitely replayed and does not have an expiration date.

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