Comparing F.A.C.E. Makeup Artistry education service options to nesting dolls is an interesting analogy that can help illustrate the structure and depth of the offerings. Let’s use nesting dolls as a metaphor to represent the makeup education options, with each doll representing a different level of education or service.

Tip for Tip Session: The largest nesting doll in this analogy represents the broadest public offering. Have a mini makeup issue or a quick question about cosmetics? Time for a makeup bag check? Just drop Erin, the owner/artist at F.A.C.E., an email or text. She’ll shoot back a video with some expert tips. If you find it helpful, you can show your appreciation with a virtual tip. This “Tip for Tip” deal is great if you only need a little personalized help or if you’re not in Paducah, KY but still want advice from F.A.C.E.

Mini Makeup Public Classes: Just like the largest nesting doll contains smaller dolls inside, these classes serve as the introductory level for in-person activity, covering essential makeup techniques and skills. They offer a brief 30 minute hands-off introduction to makeup, suitable for beginners or those looking for quick tips and tricks without delving too deep into advanced techniques.

Hands-On Public Makeup Workshop: This class is like a smaller doll within the larger one, providing a focused, one-hour session for hands-on learning in a public group setting.

Next Hands-On Public Makeup Workshop:



Private Group Makeup Workshops: Moving further into the nested dolls, we encounter the Private Group Makeup Workshops. These workshops cater to a specific audience who are familiar with each other, offering interactive and hands-on learning experiences for 2 hours. They provide opportunities for participants to learn from both the instructor and their peers, fostering a collaborative learning environment. Similar to the nesting dolls gradually decreasing in size, the group workshops offer a more focused and specialized learning experience compared to the larger classes.

One-on-One Private Makeup Lesson: This education provides 100% personalized instruction for deeper learning tailored to individual needs. We start with a chat about your favorite facial features and sort through your makeup bag. Erin then demonstrates how to apply makeup like a pro on one side of your face, guiding you as you try it out on the other side.

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