“En plein air” painting entails stepping away from the confines of your studio and immersing yourself in the act of painting and drawing outdoors. While its origins date back centuries, it was the French Impressionists who elevated this practice into a refined art form.

Creating art in the open air includes all the challenges and joys that come with being in the great outdoors! One is exposed to a whole array of stimuli that would not be perceived or noticed inside a controlled studio space. Plein Air requires creating amidst nature, fostering a connection in the natural environment.

With outdoor makeup artistry, there is a connection generated with another human as well.

Try it on yourself. Go outside or open a window while doing your own makeup and notice what surfaces. Take the journey with yourself.

The activity of painting outdoors gives the “presence of something capable of engaging, rather than merely occupying, the individual—a stimulus for intensity of experience, for the full involvement of the senses and the mind.

-Sax, 1980

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