Many women don’t realize how beautiful they are. Through services offered at F.A.C.E. Makeup Artistry, I get to help women accept themselves and find greater contentment in their intrinsic beauty.

What makes you different makes you beautiful.

What makes a space different from the status quo makes the experience more beautiful.

Unique Features of F.A.C.E.:

  1. Stand-alone building: No walls are split with other businesses or tenants
  2. Relaxation: There are no other employees other than myself and therefore, no other clients receiving services at the same time. This means that there is zero service “double dipping”(working on another client while pausing wit the prior client midway through an application).
  3. Privacy + Safety: F.A.C.E. offers makeup services and in-studio product shopping by appointment only to ensure clients receive uninterrupted assistance and unexpected visitors do not enter
  4. Convenience: Complimentary parking lot; located in Midtown neighborhood of Paducah; 24/7 online booking and shopping availability; product also available for purchase during appointment

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