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One Month Being Social Media-Free

It’s been a little over 1 month (actually almost 2 months from recording this video) since I’ve left social media both personally and as a business. Are you curious about how things have been since? Watch the video below!

The Findings (Personal): I was nervous that leaving social media might result in feeling too lonely and quiet. It has been completely different.

-Feel more connected during conversations with friends and family because I’m not distracted

-Better discernment of realities from facades

The Findings (Professional): Business has improved!

-There is more time to actually “do deep work”, instead of creating, cranking, networking via content

-Contact is streamlined (email, call or text are the only ways to reach me)

-Optimal bookings and purchases; because I don’t use social media anymore, word of mouth (the most credible marking source) has increased, allowing the stories about the signature private lessons and refurbished vintage compacts to spread.

-Caliber of customers and clients have become impeccably curated; this audience also wants truth, privacy, quality, connection, self-discovery, history and experience

Please feel welcome to forward this email to spread this news!

**I hope sharing my experience of being social media-free does not translate as projecting criticism to those who do or continue to use social media. This is my own experience as a 1 person business.

Thank you to everyone who has marketed my business through word of mouth and referrals. It is because of people like you I get to have my dream career in Paducah, KY!


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