48 Hour Film Festival project screenings

Re-decorating a home to resemble a new chapter

Extra gripped hugs

French cafe music

Copper architectural accents


Scenic brunch spots

Conquering a huge hill on bike rides

Studying the power of mystery

$6 dozen roses

Creative brainstorming sessions


Friends who feed each other uplifting compliments

Playlists that sound like what a crush feels like

Black T.U.K. creeper shoes

Eye contact

Clients who say “I love you”


Dimly-lit restaurants

Green velvet furniture

Outdoor music

Out of the blue phone calls

Sprinting at the end of a run


The countdown to Kacey Musgraves “Star-Crossed” album and film release

Diet Lemonades from Chik-Fil-A

Exchanging smiles with a stranger

Cool morning breezes

Another round of decluttering


Happy hour beverages with friends

Photoshoot collaborations for local magazines

Driving down roads that “speak” to be explored

Changing seasons



Surprise coffee deliveries

Sister visits

Bikeworld group bike rides

Crisp winged eyeliner

Rooftop bars


Malcom Gladwell books

Poems about normal days

Unique methods of creating (like this)

Waking up before the sun rises

Stationary from historic hotels


Meeting other huge Paramore fans

Learning choreographed dances

Notes on pastel post-its

Deep green metallic eyeshadow

Scent of old books


Caesar salads with white wine

Intended brief evenings turning into hours of conversation

Unconditional love from a pet

Blue moon energy

Running errands with friends


Vintage Dinnerware

Card readings by intuitive friends

Viewing rain as a cleansing

Sleeping kitties in baskets

Sweating out stress


Reading books in bed before going to sleep

Coffeehouse jazz radio stations

Counting down days until sister visits

Front porch step sitting

Early bedtimes


An overstuffed tip jar

Lighting a candle as the sun is setting

Garden parties

Mindfulness practices

Ordinary life


The scent of freshly cut grass

Sunset jogs

Early morning fog

Room temperature butter

Heart-shaped ice


Cooking pasta to evening jazz

P I G movie viewings at Maiden Alley Cinema

Air dried hair strands

Royal blue mascara

Bike rides with friends


Yard work doubling as exercise

Alumni soccer games

Pink candlesticks

Super short naps

Personalized snail mail


Dream journaling

Historic Victorian architecture

Deep breaths

Carousel horse stamps

Following intuition


Scenic backroad drives and long talks

Velvet pillows

Sunrise strolls

The kaleidoscope of colors on Beta fish when they swim

Davis Pastry: “Home of the Pink Cookie”


Fun Run prizes

Receiving news that a high school friend is moving back home

Cucumber salad recipes

A smooth shave

Front row on rollercoaster rides


Blue winged eyeliner

Kitty purr vibrations

First impression confessions

Cake for breakfast

Seeing a new muscle being formed


We’re Not Really Strangers card game

Lemon truffles from Midtown Market

Embracing wearing claddagh ring on right hand with the heart facing outwards

The Clutter Fairy Youtube channel

Cello music on scenic drives


Reading books in bed

Co-Star astrology app

Flower farm trip planning

Thought-provoking card games

Rock-shaped outdoor bluetooth speakers


Group bike rides

Listening to classical music on the way to brunch

Petrichor: a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather

“Amor fati” (love your fate): describes an attitude in which one sees everything that happens in one’s life, including suffering and loss, as good or, at the very least, necessary

Sleeping At Last’s Enneagram music project ( 1 song for each enneagram number)


Walking with bare feet in the grass

“Before” Trilogy films

Decorative/statement headbands

Freshly shined hardwood floors

Warm lighting


Capricorn instincts

Green leather sofas

Punctual people

The satisfying sound of a Venmo payment notification

Dog + cat friendships


Sex And The City character breakdown videos

Walking as a head-clearing

Steam hitting my face when I pour out hot water while making pasta

Waking up to cooler mornings

Gary’s Tarot


Daydreaming about future travel

Laughing at old yearbook photos and notes

Visits from hummingbirds

Pearlized paper

Enneagram personality tests


Gardening as the sun comes up

Giving old compacts new “lives”

Museum of Broken Relationships concept

Holographic raincoats

Streamlining every aspect of life


Masculine-scented candles

$6 rose bouquets

1 month mark videos of being social media free

The excitement of redecorating a living space

Ariana Grande playlists


Friendly flower visits from hummingbirds

A new chapter

Acoustic versions of songs

Aesthetic cat litter boxes that look like potted plants

Freshly windexed windows


Writing as a thought release

Vintage pink bath towels

Sunday flower shopping

New The Streets album: “None of Us Are Getting Out Of This Life Alive”

Finding 2 pennies on a run (abundance is among us)

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