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The Beauty of an Unbiased Eye

When it comes to hiring a makeup artist for a special occasion or an important project, seeking an unbiased opinion can make all the difference in achieving the desired look. Makeup artists are trained professionals who understand how to create a beauty look that is not only visually appealing but also suitable for the specific medium or occasion.

One of the key reasons to seek an unbiased opinion is that friends, family, or those who see your face every day likely have a fixed perception of your regular beauty routine. They are accustomed to seeing you in a certain way, and any alteration from that familiar look may seem “off” to them. This familiarity can sometimes cloud their judgment and prevent them from appreciating or understanding the nuances of a professionally curated makeup application.

While clients often use mirrors as tools, they don’t accurately communicate a person’s true appearance. They reflect a reversed one. Clients benefit from the perspective of a makeup artist who can genuinely see them without the bias of facial familiarity.

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Photo: Glenn Hall Photography

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