One unkempt/uncivilized home in a community can reduce the property value for the whole neighborhood.

Your body is akin to a neighborhood (and wonderland).

Each appendage is a region to maintain curb appeal, property lines, and establish harmony.

When it comes to real estate of the face, understand that hair and outfit necklines (areas captured in portrait photos) are “next door neighbors”. It’s important that these components cooperate with each other to generate the most value for the whole.

Maintain Curb Appeal: Brush hair and invest in routine trims to keep it healthy; Drink water for flourishing skin; Clean makeup brushes

Establish Property Lines: Wear eyeliner to structurally frame eyelids and lip pencil to define the mouth

Generate Harmony: Wear clothing necklines that support face shape; Opt for cosmetic colors that suite personal skin tone; Wear jewelry that make eyes sparkle

These are interesting times and aiming for perfection is exhausting. We can each learn and lean on what we can do to boost our own morale, plant seeds for success, and in our own special way, save the world.

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