A garden is an interface between nature and art. Our bodies and faces are our frontiers of well-being.

Beauty is a way for us to move closer to the divine. Humans are fascinated by beauty—whether it’s in nature, cosmetics, places of worship, or art.

We can draw parallels between our external and our internal worlds through gardening our minds and spaces. Holistic beauty addresses the way we tend to our metaphorical gardens. How we take care of ourselves through physical exercise, a good night’s sleep, massage, and proper supplements matters.

A journey through the garden is initiatory. There’s something to learn or be transformed by. The use of cosmetics and processes of application can mimic a similar adventure.

The style of makeup we adorn affects the way we perceive the world.

We are forever changed by our experiences. Our posture supports the telling of our stories.

“Garden” everyday in every way.

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