What is the makeup application a symptom of? If it seems to shift from meticulous to chaotic, it could be trying to reveal something deeper. Can we sit with the tension it brings to the surface? This discomfort might be exposing the gap between who we are and who we feel pressured to be. Can we embrace this tension and understand what it’s truly saying about our identities and self-worth? When we apply our makeup, we are communicating with ourselves. Look for clues.

The scene of someone applying lipstick in the usual manner but then extending it messily all over their face while manically smiling can be rich in symbolism. Here are several interpretations:

Inner Turmoil and Mental Health

  • Psychological Distress: The scene could symbolize inner turmoil or psychological distress. The contrast between the controlled initial application and the subsequent messy smearing can reflect a breakdown or loss of control, indicating emotional instability or mental health struggles.
  • Manic Behavior: The manic smile suggests a heightened emotional state, which could be interpreted as manic behavior or a facade masking deeper pain and chaos.

Commentary on Beauty and Identity

  • Distortion of Beauty: By distorting the application of lipstick, the person could be commenting on the absurdity or arbitrariness of beauty standards. It questions the importance placed on outward appearance and how it shapes identity.
  • Identity Crisis: This act might symbolize an identity crisis or confusion, where the person is grappling with their sense of self and how they present themselves to the world.

Authenticity vs. Facade

  • True Self vs. Mask: Initially applying lipstick correctly might represent adhering to societal expectations or presenting a controlled, polished exterior. Extending it messily could symbolize the breakdown of this facade, revealing a more authentic, albeit chaotic, self underneath.
  • Masking Emotions: The manic smile while smearing lipstick might indicate the person is trying to mask their true feelings with a forced expression of happiness, highlighting the dissonance between their internal state and external appearance.

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