The Face of F.A.C.E.

Meet Erin Hendley

Growing up, Erin was always curious about people, fascinated with color, and infatuated with presentation. Before being able to articulate it, Erin understood that every person had their own unique combination to unlock their inner beauty.

In between semesters of college, Erin enrolled in Makeup School in Chicago, IL. This education was the perfect pairing with her Fashion Merchandising degree when she moved to NYC to polish her career experience.

Erin has done makeup on-site for Allure & Glamour magazines, New York Fashion Week and celebrities including Jason SudeikisIlana Glazer and Kyle MacLachlan. However, the accomplishment she is most proud of is collaborating with “everyday people” in a space that leaves guests in awe of their surroundings and of themselves.

F.A.C.E. takes inspiration from the durability and craftsmanship of vintage beauty packaging. We source period compacts and refurbish their interiors to accommodate new, refillable products. This fusion of the cosmetic past and present results in timeless keepsakes and art pieces. Clients relish the experience of selecting a unique compact and customizing it with their choice of eye, cheek, or face powder colors.

Each refurbished vintage compact sold at F.A.C.E. comes with its own unique story, adding to its charm and appeal. These compacts often seem serendipitous, as people discover them at just the right moment, finding comfort, inspiration, or wisdom in their individual narratives. Beauty truly is an art form.