Watching originals before remakes

Seeing a parakeet on my run

Overflowing tip jars

Limes in water

When dogs smile


The beauty of silence (no talking, music or podcasts)

Granny Smith apples paired with caramel dip

Patience as a virtue

Hotel stationary

Free tickets to music festivals


Doors as metaphors

Autumn floral arrangements scattered around the house

Projected rainbows from necklace prisms

Pumpkin patch plans

Sparkly blue eyeshadow


New episode of Scenes From A Marriage

Crossing streams on afternoon hikes

Mother/daughter trip planning

Sentences that teach

Music playlists about the future


Jackson Browne, Tom Petty and John Mayer live acoustic cover songs

Clients who say all their troubles go away when they walk into F.A.C.E. studio

Constant discarding and discernment of items, people and beliefs

Finding the correctly precise words to convey what needs to be said

Sipping cider to vintage autumn Spotify playlists


Receiving an extra (free) short curtain rod in my order and realizing it’s perfect for a towel rack

Watching coffee steam swirling into the air on my porch while watching the sun stream through the trees

Listening to chamber string quartets inside art museums with friends

Quick wardrobe changes that feel fabulous

Meeting someone important to the future in dreams


Lunch wine cheers

Creating from the heart

Cider slushies

Flower stems in clean water

String quartets as sunset entertainment


Saying “yes” to unusual invitations

Being able to sit with/metabolize uncomfortable feelings

Black and white sketch art on pink walls

Runner’s high

Velvet lingerie


Evening wine sips next to a fireplace

Cooler weather making an entrance

This MXPX song: “Can’t Keep Waiting”

Fabrics that feel sensual on the skin

Sentences to lean on


Pretty golden pens to write with

Appreciative sips of black coffee

Journaling to classical cello music

Looking around my house and seeing myself reflected throughout

Hilarious evenings of 3 friends trying to get technology to work during the new harvest moon


Disco balls as take home “Thank You” gifts

Dancing for hours

Taking steps back for full pictures

“Sparkly” girl gangs

Pink and red rose bouquets


Conversations with friends of varying ages

Plans penciled in with fun stickers next to them

Bomb wedding reception playlists

Daily tidying

Honoring being human


Wearing 2 different colored shoes in the same style because it feels right

“Symphony fits”

The excitement that comes from a dog when they see a leash knowing its time to go walk

Thanking contrast to honor necessary changes

Writing letters to your younger self


Brief moments revealing a season changing

Eating slowly

Posture improvements

Early bedtimes

Hearing someone’s voice over the phone


Laughing with a new group of friends in dark bars

Porches flooded with pumpkins

Finding shiny pennies on the ground

Ticket purchases to the Paducah Symphony Orchestra

Inner child healing work


“Theatre Red” velvet curtains hanging in pink rooms

Champagne and cake birthday celebrations

Receiving a compliments as soon as a door opens

Beautifully colored gas station roses

The song “Escapade” by Janet Jackson being played at top volume


A delicious kiss

Making new friends at the gym

Morning silence

Finding the humor in experiences

Putting together a weird outfit for an upcoming funky wedding


Seeing progress via camera roll scrolls

Catchup brunch friend dates

Energetic text messages

Closet dance sessions

Paramore’s live cover of “Everywhere” by Fleetwood Mac


Movies at independent theaters

Short commute times

Late night dinners

Bartenders who know your drink orders

Respectful passion


Screaming emo lyrics out of a car on backroads with friends

Post-it affirmations

The Vortex

The satisfaction of underlining important messages in books

Welcoming friend’s babies into the world


The satisfaction of finishing a book before reading another one

Kacey Musgraves new breakup/divorce album, “Star-crossed”

Juicy hookup dreams

Confidence building clothing and makeup



Pens that guide the prettiest handwriting

Disco balls flickering in dark rooms

Shiny red nail polish

Art shopping

Cooking with friends


Vintage tissue holders

“Buy 1, Get One Free” candle sales

A gorgeous night’s sleep

Complimentary t-shirts

Baby steps


Inspiring work spaces

A rolodex of quotes to live by

Spritzing Thank You notes with signature perfume

Sunset walks and talks with friends

Solo trip planning


Learning how to let a heart sing

1000 watt smiles

Flowers in every room of a house

Visits from old friends in dreams

Silhouette-hugging dresses


Quiet sunrise runs

Last minute friend meetups

Buildable wardrobe pieces

Rediscovering an old favorite song

Finding familiar in the unknown


Acceptance of being exactly where I need to be

Mornings with the house windows open

International t-shirt order arrivals

Tiny ribbon cuttings, commemorating little, yet significant moments

Impeccable running playlists


The Miranda + Steve Brooklyn Bridge scene

Fun shoes

Popsicles binges

Home improvements that feel like self-improvements

Walks and talks


Morning restorative yoga

Being open to new experiences

A new month

Dead weight being lifted via dead ends of hair being cut off

Fireplace mantles


Vintage binoculars

The satisfaction of scratching off accomplishments on “to do” lists

Red dresses

Divine feminine energy

The art of savoring

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