Scientists distinguish three types of tears, each with unique functions and compositions: basal, irritant, and emotional tears.

Basal tears form continuously to keep our eyes lubricated, protecting them from air currents and debris. They contain water, salts, antibodies, and a thin layer of oil to prevent premature evaporation.

Irritant tears are produced in response to wind, sand, or other irritants. These tears flow in greater amounts and likely contain higher concentrations of antibodies and enzymes to eliminate intruders.

Emotional tears are secreted during moments of intense feeling, often sorrow or joy. These tears contain more proteins, particularly stress-related hormones, helping to reduce emotional stress and alleviate physical pain.

When choosing makeup for special occasions, consider the types of tears you might encounter. Waterproof mascara and eyeliner can ensure your look stays intact, whether you’re tearing up from joy, stress, or irritation.

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Photo: Jeremy Lee Bacchus Photography

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