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Honoring Privacy, Amplifying Beauty

Over two years ago, F.A.C.E. Makeup Artistry made a significant decision to discontinue using social media. This choice was driven by various factors. One of the most compelling reasons to continue down this path is our commitment to ensuring that our paying clients never feel like mere props for social media content during their appointments.

Imagine a scenario where a makeup studio prioritizes capturing “Instagrammable”/”TikTokable” moments over respecting clients’ privacy and comfort. Instead of focusing on providing a personalized makeup experience, they constantly interrupt and dilute sessions for “iPhone photo/video shoots”, making clients feel like objects for the business’ online content rather than valued guests seeking genuine beauty services, presence, and connection.

Contrast that with F.A.C.E., where every aspect of the client experience is centered on their beauty and comfort. Picture a chic studio where clients can relax without interruptions, where their privacy is respected, and where each makeup session is tailored to their unique style and preferences. Here, clients are not just commodities but cherished guests whose privacy, connection, and beauty needs are always top priorities.

At F.A.C.E., we uphold the highest standards of client trust and permission. We prioritize the privacy and comfort of our clients, ensuring that their personal information and appointment experience remain strictly confidential.

Photo: Audrey Lamb

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