Tiny tinseled Christmas trees

Days warm enough to run outside this time of year

Finding pennies on the ground, resembling abundance

Couch chats

Good health


Conversations out in nature

The Truth Coming Out Of Her Well”

Texts with friends about new Paramore album coming out in 2022

Local business support via Cyber Monday sale shopping

The Four Medicines: Diet, Exercise, Sleep, Sunlight


“Cohosting” jokes

Poinsettia season

Mingling with people of varying ages

Yearbook snooping

Tidying as a reset button

Impromptu dinners


Soft skin

Local “Shop Small Saturday” business support

The chills I get every time I read Jonah Lehrer’s “Why We Travel” piece.

Phone number quizzing


Thanksgiving carbs

Songs about cats

One month remaining of age 33

Honoring expiration dates

Falling asleep with smiles on faces


Jokes about reliable unreliability

Miniature high school reunions

French 75 sips

Waking up to soft rain

Protein shake reintroductions


The clarity that comes with being off of social media for 6 months

Evening conversations

Lunchbox snack surprises

A lifting quote “If you got hurt, you weren’t ready” and applying it to other life aspects

Mirror placement to double pretty scenery


Learning about the art of hospitality

Handsome smelling beards

Fabrics that feel fabulous on the skin

“Charlotte + Harry” SATC breakdown videos

Plans with friends in town for the holidays


Doing activities I want to do regardless if anyone else joins me

How frighteningly emotionally intelligent every track on the “Saves The World” MUNA album is

The countdown til pine-scented candle and Christmas tree cake season

Constantly discovering corners with room for more growth

Asking questions


Knee high boots + long black coats with high slits

Sharing mutual distain for the radishes on a beer cheese plate

Slow pace as a life motto

Seeing hands on another’s knee during symphony performances

Texts with friends about the new Adele album


Consistently learning new things about people

Quality over convenience

Pink straws in ice waters

Doing a tiny project everyday and seeing compounded results at end of week

Being happy for someone else’s joyful moments


Trivia team dominations

Incognito awkward photo snaps

Tip jars stuffed with cash

This “Who Will Criticize Your Dreams” Seth Godin article

Re-skimming books with important reminders underlined


Receiving and sending “this made me think of you” songs/memes/articles/photos via text

Skin on skin contact

Anything that comes in velvet

The psychology of apparel

Reaching the 5 month mark of being off of social media


The friendliness of café string lights

Running around the yard with a smiling dog

Email notifications of product purchases

Redefining personal luxury

Diagonal mowing lines


“Nothing New” T-Swift song as the modern day female “New Kid In Town” The Eagles track

Feeling seen

Texts to and from friends when we see repeating numbers on clocks

Buffalo chicken ranch quesadillas from Pizza Warehouse

Long kissing sessions


Late night McDonald’s runs

Last minute group beverages

When Justin Bieber had pink hair

Watching someone talk passionately about something important

Laughing at old journal entries


Impactful eye contact

Large gulps of orange juice

Discovering other people listening to heavy metal

The hilariousness of showing guys astrology apps

Alone time


90’s female love songs

Nesting in bundles of covers and pillows on the bed

Old “Newlyweds” episodes

Surges of creative energy

Vintage lockets


Looking back and seeing growth

Book covers as router disguisers

Swapping faux plants for real plants

Looking around my house and seeing “me” reflecting back

Patience as persistence


11/11 day!

Intensely deep sleeps

Psychology Today articles

Writing as release

Songs that feel like pure serotonin when listening to them


Brief stargazing

Beautification award recognition (11:42)

“Athlete A” Documentary

Decked out home theaters

Trip inspiration


Crying as a cleansing

Intentions behind the actions

Hugs from strong arms

Snuggle weather

Ideal parking spots


Time changes as life changes

Wearing rings on every finger

Paranormal groups

Middle fingers up

Fitness progress


Late night dinners at Cynthia’s

Cozy linen sheet spray

European design flare

Deep-cleaned bathrooms

Weekly doses of de-cluttering


Car make out sessions

This live set

Pretty water drinking glasses

Clear blue skies

Tears of joy


Carrie + Aiden compilation videos

Fresh laundry scent

Entryway valet hooks

Frosty morning grass

Bread for dessert


Facetime chats while doing makeup

Ideal clients

Ambient music

New moon energy

Meditations via yoga


Old money aesthetic

Daytime movie screenings

Soaking in fall foliage via bike rides

Embracing my enneagram 4’ness

Cheers”-ing with coffee


Flickering gold candlesticks

Cycling class crew energy

Repurposing furniture

Sandalwood scents in the autumn

Leaf peeping season


A fresh month

“The Art Of Possibility” book

Loyal friends

Piano study music playlists

Cider donuts

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