Taking an acrylic painting workshop was an eye-opening experience, especially witnessing the initial reactions of women painting for the first time. Many were embarrassed or upset that their paintings didn’t immediately resemble those of the professional instructor. It made me reflect on when we started expecting professional-level results right from the start. Why were we apologizing for being a beginner at something?

This expectation became even more apparent when I hosted makeup workshops. Here, the art was on their own faces—their very selves. Participants often faced even deeper anxieties and expectations about achieving perfection on their first try. The process highlighted the importance of patience, self-acceptance, and embracing the learning journey, whether in painting or in enhancing one’s natural beauty through makeup.

Based on my experience, I’ve identified two effective teaching methods that greatly enhance learning outcomes:

  1. Embracing the journey of initial challenges as a pathway to improvement.
  2. Collaborating with others in a supportive and exploratory manner.

These approaches not only promote skill development but also cultivate a supportive atmosphere conducive to mutual learning and growth. Don’t apologize. Embrace your decision to learn and be a beginner without hesitation!

How about this? If you’re nervous, join us for a MINI makeup class! Observe a live demonstration, take notes, and learn without any pressure. No one will know your level of expertise—just come and enjoy the experience!

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