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What Needs to Grow Higher if it Already Runs Deep?

Last June a friend of mine sent a text: “There’s a psychic fair going on today at Rock Shop. They have 10 readers and an aura photographer. I am going. It will be fun! You should come and get a reading!”

So, I did!

I knew that I resonated and learned best with colors as tools. So, I opted to get my aura (personal electromagnetic field believed to reflect emotional, mental, and spiritual health) photographed. The aura photographer captured my essence of the moment through bio-feedback sensors linked with computer software and broke down what the colors and placements reflected about my current state. My top, center, and bottom were all green: grounded, stretched, and floating with equal fervor. I would describe it as feeling aligned. I had not experienced that as a true natural state before. I had brief whispers of flush decisions over the years, but I did not quiet my mind long enough to consider an entire lifestyle of alignment. During my aura photograph, the sage performed a mini “intuitive reading”. The vision that stood out to me was being seen in a “higher-level profession”. Images of hands and muscles kept resurfacing.

I am still trying to visualize the higher-level profession meaning. “Makeup Artist” is an extremely specialized profession in the large umbrella of beauty industry. If I love what I do, what needs to grow higher if it already runs deep (specialized)? I am confident that the image of hands reflects my need to journal. The believe the missing piece has been sharing my thoughts through writing and connecting it to my medium of makeup while continuing to relinquish using social media platforms.

So, I will!

Remember, no one else has your self-reflection and lived experience, so a goldmine is waiting to be tapped. The one caveat is that it has to be tapped by you and no one else, And if you don’t tap that mine, it will stay buried forever.”Teronie Donaldson

Reading your aura can be a powerful way to connect to yourself and your thoughts. This is our way of understanding ourselves on the outside so that we can have a deeper understanding of what we are wanting on the inside. This is the mission behind my Private Makeup Lessons through F.A.C.E Makeup Artistry. “Inside out” reigns true with the choices of colors and intensities we choose to wear with our makeup. It is synergetic. Understanding your personally circulating colors can assist spiritual growth and deepen essence.

While I recommend the expanding experience of a professional, in-person reading, an at-home substitute is the AURLA app. Take a photo of yourself. Discover your encompassing colors. Understand their aura meanings. Wear makeup tones reflecting your aura. Embody this knowledge and see what you discover.

Red is the color of the root chakra. It provides the skills necessary for security, safety, and survival. Red is about being seen.

When red is in your aura you feel safe to allow yourself to be front and center.

Orange is connected to our sacral chakra, inviting an origin of creativity, intimacy, and self-expression. It reflects being brave, having the courage, and showing up.

When orange is in your aura, you tend to be a creative problem-solver, not shying away from taking risks.

Yellow is connected with the solar plexus chakra and is associated with finding joy in the everyday.

This aura is the highest frequency. Most people feel it without seeing it.

Green is associated with the heart chakra, loving hard and working harmoniously with others.

Green auras reflect thriving goals, structures, and systems.

Pink is also linked to the heart chakra.

Pink auras don’t take themselves too seriously when it comes to work. They embody “free spirits” with no shame over what lights them up. It reflects loyalty, putting friendships and family above all.

Blue is relative to the throat chakra, reflecting trust, good communication, and truth telling.

Blue aura can be a simple reminder that it’s time to heal.

Purple is tied to the crown chakra, showcasing visionary traits.

Spirituality is important and manifestation is not taken lightly.

White auras are linked to the crown chakra and are seen as symbols of purity and heightened spirituality.

White auras are inspiring, wise, energized, positive, and protective.

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