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Appointment Energy + Creativity

Energy can’t be created or destroyed. Energy is. It oscillates from one state to another.

Energy always moves into physical form. This is constantly happening within you and in nature. Anything that comes into your consciousness can be moved into form.

Change your environment (your view) to convert your energy. By embodying beauty ourselves, we provide an inviting space for others to exchange positive energy. We are all connected.

Changed energy = Changed experiences

I see this happen in real time with client bookings for special occasion makeup. Sometimes inclement weather, event postponements, and date “ghosting” happens. Unexpected situations could easily invite patrons into a negative energy state due to initial plans falling through. But we know space, time, and energy are sacred and can be used for creative opportunities beyond original plans. New happenings generate and alternate activities occur. Clients still commit to their makeup appointments to see where the universe directs them. They produce positive energy and forward motion through commitment of reserved time with me (the service provider). They also induce the curious question of “What comes next?”. Some clients gift the appointment time slot to a dear friend if they cannot make their own appointment.


  • Boyfriend breaks up with client day of holiday party -> Client still commits to makeup appointment -> Decides she looks and feels too good to just go home -> Scrolls her phone address book -> Gets dinner and drinks with a friend she lost touch with who is also going through a breakup -> Friendship reestablished
  • Rains on Senior Picture photoshoot day -> Client still commits to makeup appointment -> She and her mom decide that it’s actually a wonderful opportunity to utilize appointment as “test run” -> They go Homecoming dress shopping, enjoying the try-on process with professionally done makeup
  • Fundraiser gala gets cancelled -> Client still commits to makeup appointment -> Inquires about upgrading to Private Makeup Lesson to learn how to do everyday makeup on herself -> Feels empowered from learning a skill and better understanding herself
  • Client cannot commit to makeup appointment due to sickness -> Client gifts time-slot to friend who would otherwise not be able to afford experience -> Friend has wonderful time in makeup chair -> Camaraderie between friend and client deepens, both benefitting from generous exchange
  • Client no longer wishes to be social for the evening -> Decides to still come to studio during appointment time slot to redeem product equivalent in value -> Leaves satisfied with keepsake refurbished vintage compact and lip color

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