Happiness is our personal obligation. First and foremost, we can take ownership of who we are and of the state of our lives. Only then can we become the best versions of ourselves, and find fulfillment.

When it comes to beauty, let go (not to be confused with letting yourself go: failing to take care of yourself).

  • Stop worrying about what you can’t control: getting older; the weather/temperature; trends that don’t favor your personal aesthetics; other people’s perception of you

  • Focus on what you can control: feeling healthy and positive; choosing colors that do favor your features; your attitude and outlook; your creative spirit

  • Want less: recognize the parts of yourself that are attractive and be grateful for them

Stoicism teaches us to approach happiness as more of a process that parallels self-improvement and the pursuit of our higher selves. Only through this process can we take the necessary actions to become the people we want to be, and, ultimately, create the happiness we seek.

-Ryan Holiday

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