Private Lessons

The F.A.C.E. signature Private Makeup Lessons are essential confidence building experiences for clients of various ages who desire an updated look, or want to finally understand and be comfortable with makeup application. The unforgettable makeup lesson begins with an individualized consultation to discuss the facial features that you want optimized, as well as a makeup bag “edit” to decide what to keep, toss, and update. During the lesson Erin shows you the makeup application process step by step, utilizing professional techniques of application for each facial feature on one half of your face. Erin then guides you through practicing the techniques as you expertly complete the remaining half of your face. With detailed and entertaining instruction, you are able to confidently achieve your new personalized look. A video recap is included with every Private Makeup Lesson, so clients can refer to visual notes while practicing post-session.

Together you will find perfect shades of color for your overall complexion, individualized look, and customized plan. Use of application brushes and sponges with professional techniques are taught to achieve the look you have chosen, and written instructions will be provided as a complimentary reinforcement of the lesson. Essential application tools including brushes and top quality products are also available for purchase upon lesson completion. You will leave the studio looking flawless and confident.

Makeup lessons are a great gift for teenagers learning to apply makeup for the first time, and birthday parties with friends may also be arranged. Professionals who want an updated work look will benefit from this consultation as well, and group lessons may be scheduled. More mature individuals dealing with changing features also find the lessons helpful to keep a natural appearance.

Private Makeup Lesson: $250


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CANCELLATION/RESCHEDULE POLICY: Thank You for booking with F.A.C.E. Makeup Artistry. We acknowledge “life happens” (sickness, accident, event cancellation or date change, weather) and appointments need to be cancelled or rescheduled. Due to our busy schedules, time-slot sensitivity and working by appointment-only, we carry a mutually accountable cancellation/reschedule policy. Service recipient may cancel services at any time however, payments are nonrefundable. If a booking is cancelled/rescheduled by the service provider, complete payment will be refunded, and a “service equivalent” credit will be gifted.