Tipping A Makeup Artist

I read a fascinating article about electronic “guilt tipping”. Thanks to popular technology, non-traditional venues give merchants the option of asking for a tip by simply swiveling an electronic screen around that asks whether you want to tip. 

Now that most any business type is participating in a tipping option at checkout, the lines are quite blurry on what services are “appropriate for” versus “dependent on” gratuity.

It has always been customary to tip traditional beauty services. While cosmetology service providers charge a professional rate, gratuity is generally accepted to reflect the level of satisfactory hospitality.

Although Makeup Artistry isn’t a maintenance-based beauty service, it still flows into the hospitality-driven line of work. Let’s get into The Why, When, How, What, Where and Who’s of Tipping a Makeup Artist.


Makeup Artists work irregular schedules (evenings, weekends, and extremely early mornings). We often miss quality time with family and friends to meet the demands of the season, missing our own special occasions to accommodate our clients’.


Each party plays a role in when it is appropriate to tip.

The Makeup Artist:

-Is on time.

-Meets the service recipient’s needs in a professional manner.

-Provides any final suggested revisions.

-Accommodates last minute service upgrades or changes.

The Service Recipient:

-Is late to the appointment.

-Brings a guest or a child.

-Uses a cell phone/smart watch during appointment.

-Eats food during the appointment. {All components that severely slow down/interrupt quality of makeup service}.


Methods of Payment now include cash, card, check, electronic payments. Suggested standard beauty service tip percentages: 15%-20% of total service cost.


With monetary currency. Please do not tip with food or physical gifts. Makeup Artists rarely have time to consume food and beverages during/between appointments.


Tip for in-studio appointments as well as on-location services. Remember- packing, loading and commuting for on-site bookings is time (and therefore money) expensed, preventing Makeup Artists from accepting several appointments on this date.


Tip your booking Makeup Artist and ask how tipping should be distributed if they bring in a 2nd artist or assistant.

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