We Cannot See Ourselves

We cannot see ourselves- only our reflections (mirrors) captures (photos) and depictions (art). While we can use mirrors as tools, they aren’t accurate representations of what we actually look like. What your brain sees, the mirror reflects and camera captures can be distinctly different. Thus, seeing yourself in a photo (especially if you are used to selfies and filters) can be very surprising. I recommend booking a makeup and photography session to exercise a better understanding of how other people see you.

At the end of a makeup application, I give a handheld mirror to my client to reveal how I interpret their vision combined with their original canvas (face). What they express and respond to reflects so much about how they view themselves. There’s often polarizing emotions for clients wanting to see themselves through professional makeup artistry. Occasionally without even knowing, they passionately desire to transform (catapult into a new persona) while also still find it difficult to part with anything outside of their routine.

I listed to a fascinating discussion by a professor/visual artist who offered portrait commission paintings. She described her experience with clients as “the only thing they were ever sure of was what they didn’t want. They could never articulate what they wanted, and even if they could have done that, there’s no way it would have matched, in my head, what I was going to do for them.” Even on traditional canvas (not on someone’s actual face), the cheeks were “too pink”. Once toned down, they were “too pale”.

During a portrait unveiling of an 80 year old man, the first thing his wife screamed was “Oh, my God- He’s bald!” She was upset he didn’t have hair in the portrait painting, even though he was bald in person.

“People just have strange ideas about what they think they look like or what they should look like. Some clients felt as if they were being shown their mortality if I included a couple wrinkles on their faces in their portraits, even if they have them in real life.” -Clara Lieu (View around the 18 minute mark).

We are composed of so much beauty others have the fortune of viewing. Let them show us!

National Lipstick Day Celebration

Join F.A.C.E. in celebrating a makeup holiday: “National Lipstick Day”!


Lip Bar: Stop by anytime from 12pm-6pm and sit in the makeup chair. Let F.A.C.E. Makeup Artistry curate a custom lip look for you. *Please arrive without any previous lip color on.

Door Buster Gifts: The first 20 purchasing customers ($50 or more purchase on F.A.C.E. brand product requirement) receive a complimentary lip liner of choice.

Lip Product Sale: F.A.C.E. brand product- 20% off. *Includes lipsticks, “novelty” lipstick (“LipsDick”), lip liners, lip brushes.


Web Buster Gifts: The first 20 purchasing customers ($50 or more purchase on F.A.C.E. brand product requirement) receive a complimentary lip liner of choice. *Simply state which shade desired in the notes section at checkout.

Lip Product Sale: F.A.C.E. brand product- 20% off. *Includes lipsticks, “novelty” lipstick (“LipsDick”), lip liners, lip brushes.

Beauty Adventure Road Map

School is out, Summer is around the corner, and travel is resuming. For myself and many around me, I can feel the deep need for an escape, adventure, vacation or curiosity-chase. We know how both cosmetics and travel are vehicles for self-discovery. Mingled together, there’s really something unique.

We already know how the refurbished souvenir-style compacts at F.A.C.E. invite purchasers to use as a map to explore through psychogeography. This refers to the act of exploring a territory in a nontraditional way. We can choose to explore in ways that incorporate randomness and spontaneity, and in doing so we may transform our familiar cartography into something unexpected.

But, what about an actual Beauty Adventure Road Trip? Upon researching, there are several beauty landmarks scattered over the United States. These businesses honor the history of cosmetics and participate in travel and tourisms in their own regions. From the world’s only beauty saloon offering manicures + martini’s, to a Joshua Tree “hairstorian”, and a makeup compact art gallery right here in Paducah (that’s us!), there are so many unique beauty + travel fusion experiences in America.

Makeup Museum: New York City, NY

F.A.C.E. Makeup Artistry: Paducah, KY

Beauty Bar: Chicago, IL

Besamé Cosmetics: Burbank, CA

Beauty Bubble Salon + Museum: Joshua Tree, CA

Leila’s Hair Museum: Independence, MO

BITE Beauty Lab: Las Vegas, NV

Hollywood Museum: Los Angeles, LA

Why You Don’t See Before And After Makeup Photos On My Feed: A Cinderella Analogy

While traveling, I found a copy of the children’s book Cinderella in a gift shop and thumbed through the pages. There were 2 side-by-side pages that helped me better understand my role and beliefs as a Makeup Artist. The first page depicted the unrecognizable Princess in her ornate gown leaving the ball at the first stroke of midnight. She was desirable and high society. The other page showcased Cinderella back to her normal self, camouflaged in her soot and rags.

I don’t mind Before and After photos. I enjoy seeing homes, cars, garden spaces transformations. I used to LOVE watching makeovers in their entirety on the Style Network Show “How Do I Look?”

Most beauty services are maintenance-based. They last an extended amount of time (days, weeks, months, years) on the face before needing to be reconditioned. They have a permanency aspect. 

I think Before + After documentation can become quite tricky in the human space with ephemeral makeup applications. Sure, including the Before photo guides the viewer to perceive a complete transformation. But with the way culture has primed our subconscious minds, this can also signal that someone is less attractive (and therefore less capable, less worthy and less of a person) without the makeup and “when the clock strikes twelve”, will return to what they were before.

Before + After photos of ephemeral makeup applications are actually Before + After + Before photos. Just like Cinderella’s transformation, the underlying issue is that the comparison praise of someone’s almost metamorphosed face is that it can devalue their previous state and subtly remind viewers that this individual will go back to this state.

I believe the role I am pursuing as a Makeup Artist is less about display, glow ups, and comparisons. My mission with ephemeral makeup is to operate in a beauty space compassed in calibration, connection and confidence. I hope this mission is reflected in my work. There is no Before + After,  there’s merely the look that we work together to achieve.

Tipping A Makeup Artist

I read a fascinating article about electronic “guilt tipping”. Thanks to popular technology, non-traditional venues give merchants the option of asking for a tip by simply swiveling an electronic screen around that asks whether you want to tip. 

Now that most any business type is participating in a tipping option at checkout, the lines are quite blurry on what services are “appropriate for” versus “dependent on” gratuity.

It has always been customary to tip traditional beauty services. While cosmetology service providers charge a professional rate, gratuity is generally accepted to reflect the level of satisfactory hospitality.

Although Makeup Artistry isn’t a maintenance-based beauty service, it still flows into the hospitality-driven line of work. Let’s get into The Why, When, How, What, Where and Who’s of Tipping a Makeup Artist.


Makeup Artists work irregular schedules (evenings, weekends, and extremely early mornings). We often miss quality time with family and friends to meet the demands of the season, missing our own special occasions to accommodate our clients’.


Each party plays a role in when it is appropriate to tip.

The Makeup Artist:

-Is on time.

-Meets the service recipient’s needs in a professional manner.

-Provides any final suggested revisions.

-Accommodates last minute service upgrades or changes.

The Service Recipient:

-Is late to the appointment.

-Brings a guest or a child.

-Uses a cell phone/smart watch during appointment.

-Eats food during the appointment. {All components that severely slow down/interrupt quality of makeup service}.


Methods of Payment now include cash, card, check, electronic payments. Suggested standard beauty service tip percentages: 15%-20% of total service cost.


With monetary currency. Please do not tip with food or physical gifts. Makeup Artists rarely have time to consume food and beverages during/between appointments.


Tip for in-studio appointments as well as on-location services. Remember- packing, loading and commuting for on-site bookings is time (and therefore money) expensed, preventing Makeup Artists from accepting several appointments on this date.


Tip your booking Makeup Artist and ask how tipping should be distributed if they bring in a 2nd artist or assistant.

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Virtual Makeup Classes Debut Date

On January 1st, F.A.C.E. Makeup Artistry will debut 6 signature virtual makeup classes. These $75 Hour Long Sessions include (20% off pre-registrations today only!):
– Key product kit for attendees
– Pre-recorded video link for the class
– Safe unlimited viewing to review and practice 


Want to gift a virtual class to someone special, but not sure what class they would prefer? Purchase a “Virtual Makeup Class” gift certificate and they can choose!
How about a completely personalized makeup lesson?
Our one-on-one Private Makeup Lessons are scheduled inside F.A.C.E. Makeup Artistry studio or may be held virtually via Zoom.

Experiment Until It Feels Like It’s Yours

“You experiment. You play around with it until it belongs to you, and hopefully feels fresh and new.” 

It took so many versions, edits, and tests to circle around to the simplicity of refurbishing vintage compacts. **And to note, simple ain’t easy.** These historical beauty vessels all come in different shapes and sizes, from different places, staking claim in demand for their own uniqueness, just like the faces of guests who purchase them.

Compacts so intricately detailed in design are sustainable beauty packaging options and escort more minimal makeup routines through refillable cosmetic options. You don’t have to indirectly hoard prepackaged shades you won’t use or don’t relish.

Today, F.A.C.E. Makeup Artistry’s  “Listener Tip” was featured on “The Minimalists” podcast, relaying how to trickle the practice of minimalism into our makeup routines (peep around the 36 minute mark). Our refurbished vintage compact initiative embodies a system to inspire, remove makeup clutter, and subscribe to sustainable beauty solutions.

Bride + Bridesmaid: Makeup Class (Round 2)

Where: F.A.C.E. Makeup Artistry

When: Sunday, March 24th, 2pm-3pm

Every bride wants to look and feel stunning on the most important day of her life. With the high demands of new technology, certain tips and trade secrets must be incorporated to create that desired flawless bridal face. Dear future Mrs.- Join Face Makeup Artistry for an evening of learning how to master a fresh bridal makeup application! Register your Bridal Members too for a gals night out!

Both Bride-To-Be’s + Bridal Party Members who:
-Want Professional Makeup by Face Makeup Artistry for wedding, but we are already booked on their wedding date.
-Want Professional Bridal Makeup for wedding, but don’t have a wedding-day budget for it.
-Are eloping or having a destination wedding and won’t have access to Face Makeup Artistry for actual wedding day.
-Feel that they have a good knack on appying their own makeup, but want to learn a little extra for applying it on wedding day!
-Are considering Professional Bridal Makeup by Face Makeup Artistry, but would like to see our work in action first.

CLASS TAKEAWAYS:-Understand Bridal “Must Have” Makeup Products-Learn How to Properly Touch Up Bridal Makeup-Order of Applying Products for Best Longevity-How to Decide Proper Bridal Cosmetic Shades

DETAILS:-Demo Makeup Style: We apply the entire look on a face model and attendees can watch, take notes, and ask questions throughout.
-All attendees receive a complementary Bridal Makeup Compact (1 shadow, 1 blush, 1 “Bachelorette” lipstick) as well as a Class/Lesson recap.
*Register by Sunday, March 17th for an additional FREE eyeshadow.



*Cancellation/Reschedule Policy: Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable to another class or service/product. Tickets CAN be transferred to another person to attend in your place for specified class you signed up for. If you are unable to attend (or find someone to attend in your place) the makeup product and class recap will still be redeemable for you at the studio for 7 days after the class date. If product is not claimed after 7days, it will be donated to our annual philanthropic “Beauty Egg Hunt” for Look Good Feel Better.

The Compliment I Never Get

10478238_10154445985690601_1167239272556135407_nWorking in the Bridal industry as a Makeup Artist has allowed me to collaborate with several hair salons and companies. I LOVE collaboration…that’s when the best product occurs! I’ll admit, I get my fair share of gals swooning over my work, but there is usually one compliment that I hear about hairstylists that I usually don’t ever hear about me (as a Makeup Artist): “She did that SO fast!” How do hairstylists get their “assignments” done so much faster than I do mine? I had to really step back, make notes, and compare, but I’ve figured it out and it makes total sense! Now I can really grasp the difference of process and needs of hairSTYLING (not coloring or cutting) versus Makeup Artistry. These 2 specializations are so closely related, but work differently in terms of what is needed from the client. I am a cosmetologist, but a Makeup Artist first and foremost. I have a lot more experience understanding what I need to get my Makeup jobs done successfully. Being able to compare the two, I can share the following:

I need an hour to do makeup on a client. An hour and a half for Bridal Makeup. This statement often times gets questioning faces. Why would makeup take so long?

  • Even though I provide a heads up to arrive bare-faced, clients are usually coming from work or another commitment, and have some amount of makeup on their face when they walk in. It takes a good 10 minutes to efficiently take off their current makeup, and prep with skincare before even beginning the actual makeup application.
  • Having a mini-consultation. Since Makeup typically works with new and different people in the chair (as opposed to having regular monthly/weekly clients with hairstyling), I have to carve out time to ask questions such as skin type, analyze skin tone, figure out any allergies to products, and discover the client’s makeup style & desires. I do try to acquire as much of this information prior to appointments, but needs vary and change.
  • Since society is glued to their phones (myself included), Makeup applications take immensely longer to complete than they really should. I’ve realized I cannot efficiently apply eyeliner if a client is looking down at their phone when I need them to look somewhere else or to close their eyes. I’ve also discovered I cannot apply face makeup to a client who holds their phone to their ear. I cannot shape brows when client’s expressively lift them them when they speak. And guess, what? I cannot apply lipstick to someone’s lips that are talking on the phone (or just in general, for that matter). Can you imagine a Bride on her wedding day? (All of the above still happen, even when I instill a no/low cell phone policy).
  • Styling hair while applying Makeup at the same time is a set up for disaster in a short timeframe. I cannot do eyeliner or mascara if hair is being tugged back & forth. I would poke an eye out! Sure, some steps can be done, but again, this is why it takes longer.

I acknowledge that I will very rarely receive a compliment for lightning speed service. That doesn’t really matter to me. What does matter is that my clients know and understand WHY I need longer appointment slots!

Red Lip, Classic

1422720_10151726101968157_1043897235_nThe beauty of the red lip is hard to surpass. Throughout history, a red pout has found its place at the forefront of the beauty industry. From being a “red badge of courage” during the war, to promoting sexiness in the “curvaceous 50’s”, a classic red lip never goes out of style.

The best way to create a long lasting red lip, is to first begin with a lip liner (Our “Classic Red” Lipliner featured above). Lip liner is so slim, for outlining the lips, yet practical enough to use as a normal lipstick. Liner is essential to creating the perfectly shaped pout and it is recommending to completely fill in the lip.


Once the liner has mapped out it’s territory on the lips, a stain can be applied on top (Our “Poise” Lip Stain featured below on the left). This is best distributed with a lip brush for even coverage. Stains are useful because they provide sheen & hydration, but do not turn “gooey” throughout they’re duration on the lips.

11428571_10101369399750827_1043395441_n   1415797_10151726104298157_653840064_n

Another popular texture is a Matte Red Lip. Instead of a shiny or glossy pout, opt for a 1 dimension lip texture, that will read powdery in finish. The best product to achieve this finish is a Mattifier-Powder (Our “Creep” Lip Mattifier featured above to the right). It is best applied onto the lips with a stiff eyeshadow brush.

"Classic Red" Lip Liner
“Classic Red” Lip Liner

“Poise” Lip Stain

"Cyanide"  Red Lip Mattifier
“Creep” Red Lip Mattifier