Music Inspires Makeup

I feel that makeup can go quite hand-in-hand with music, or at least they have a handful of similar aspects. They both bring something from the inside to the surface when applied or played, and quickly express their genres or personalities. Makeup can actually enhance the musical & artistic mood/experience that some shows are all about! I also personally feel that you can learn a lot about a person by looking through their iPod and makeup bag, because one’s taste in music and beauty products is a huge part of their identity.

While brainstorming and sketching musical artists with iconic makeup looks, I was inspired by the following:

Hayley Williams (Paramore) Inspired: “PUNKY”

“Quest” & “Ray” Eyeshadows + “Pleat” Lip Stain

7L3A1589Erin Hendley - Brushes & Makeup Retail - June 2015 - Brad Rankin Studio7L3A1583Erin Hendley - Brushes & Makeup Retail - June 2015 - Brad Rankin Studio






Taylor Momsen (The Pretty Reckless) Inspired: “DARK & STORMY”

“Cyanide” & “Tarnished” Eyeshadows + “Transparent” Lip Stain

7L3A1577Erin Hendley - Brushes & Makeup Retail - June 2015 - Brad Rankin Studio

7L3A1582Erin Hendley - Brushes & Makeup Retail - June 2015 - Brad Rankin Studio







Katy Perry Inspired: “PIN ME UP”

“Swim & Call Me” Eyeshadows + “Blast” Lip Stain

7L3A1591Erin Hendley - Brushes & Makeup Retail - June 2015 - Brad Rankin Studio

7L3A1590Erin Hendley - Brushes & Makeup Retail - June 2015 - Brad Rankin Studio








Chris Motionless (Motionless In White) Inspired: “MIDNIGHT DREARY”

“Cyanide” & “Vein” Eyeshadows + “Transparent” Lip Stain


7L3A1598Erin Hendley - Brushes & Makeup Retail - June 2015 - Brad Rankin Studio








Jeffree Star Inspired: “HOLLYWOOD”

“Blink” & “Poppy” Eyeshadows + “Blast” Lip Stain

7L3A1575Erin Hendley - Brushes & Makeup Retail - June 2015 - Brad Rankin Studio7L3A1573Erin Hendley - Brushes & Makeup Retail - June 2015 - Brad Rankin Studio








Ash Costello (New Years Day) Inspired: “IN YOUR NIGHTMARES”

“Cyanide” & “Creep” Eyeshadows + “Brut” Lip Stain

7L3A1595Erin Hendley - Brushes & Makeup Retail - June 2015 - Brad Rankin Studio

7L3A1594Erin Hendley - Brushes & Makeup Retail - June 2015 - Brad Rankin Studio







Each artist has a great signature makeup look that is easy to recognize and fans of their music or makeup bond over that. The packaging of my Makeup Compacts is special in design: My sketches on the front are INSPIRED by the signature looks of these frontmen and women in music. My line of makeup products included inside these compacts are colors/hues hand selected to re-create the looks of the images on the front. The compacts themselves, are refurbished acrylic mini cd cases-Just another truth to detail in reminding us how music can be a muse to makeup inspiration and vice versa.

One of the coolest opportunities for me with this line of products was has been the ability to vend them at Warped Tour in front of the very artists that inspire them. Three of the icons have compacts in their possession. I was fortunate enough for someone to take a little behind the scenes interview footage from the Chicago Warped Tour date:


The Compliment I Never Get

10478238_10154445985690601_1167239272556135407_nWorking in the Bridal industry as a Makeup Artist has allowed me to collaborate with several hair salons and companies. I LOVE collaboration…that’s when the best product occurs! I’ll admit, I get my fair share of gals swooning over my work, but there is usually one compliment that I hear about hairstylists that I usually don’t ever hear about me (as a Makeup Artist): “She did that SO fast!” How do hairstylists get their “assignments” done so much faster than I do mine? I had to really step back, make notes, and compare, but I’ve figured it out and it makes total sense! Now I can really grasp the difference of process and needs of hairSTYLING (not coloring or cutting) versus Makeup Artistry. These 2 specializations are so closely related, but work differently in terms of what is needed from the client. I am a cosmetologist, but a Makeup Artist first and foremost. I have a lot more experience understanding what I need to get my Makeup jobs done successfully. Being able to compare the two, I can share the following:

I need an hour to do makeup on a client. An hour and a half for Bridal Makeup. This statement often times gets questioning faces. Why would makeup take so long?

  • Even though I provide a heads up to arrive bare-faced, clients are usually coming from work or another commitment, and have some amount of makeup on their face when they walk in. It takes a good 10 minutes to efficiently take off their current makeup, and prep with skincare before even beginning the actual makeup application.
  • Having a mini-consultation. Since Makeup typically works with new and different people in the chair (as opposed to having regular monthly/weekly clients with hairstyling), I have to carve out time to ask questions such as skin type, analyze skin tone, figure out any allergies to products, and discover the client’s makeup style & desires. I do try to acquire as much of this information prior to appointments, but needs vary and change.
  • Since society is glued to their phones (myself included), Makeup applications take immensely longer to complete than they really should. I’ve realized I cannot efficiently apply eyeliner if a client is looking down at their phone when I need them to look somewhere else or to close their eyes. I’ve also discovered I cannot apply face makeup to a client who holds their phone to their ear. I cannot shape brows when client’s expressively lift them them when they speak. And guess, what? I cannot apply lipstick to someone’s lips that are talking on the phone (or just in general, for that matter). Can you imagine a Bride on her wedding day? (All of the above still happen, even when I instill a no/low cell phone policy).
  • Styling hair while applying Makeup at the same time is a set up for disaster in a short timeframe. I cannot do eyeliner or mascara if hair is being tugged back & forth. I would poke an eye out! Sure, some steps can be done, but again, this is why it takes longer.

I acknowledge that I will very rarely receive a compliment for lightning speed service. That doesn’t really matter to me. What does matter is that my clients know and understand WHY I need longer appointment slots!

Red Lip, Classic

1422720_10151726101968157_1043897235_nThe beauty of the red lip is hard to surpass. Throughout history, a red pout has found its place at the forefront of the beauty industry. From being a “red badge of courage” during the war, to promoting sexiness in the “curvaceous 50’s”, a classic red lip never goes out of style.

The best way to create a long lasting red lip, is to first begin with a lip liner (Our “Classic Red” Lipliner featured above). Lip liner is so slim, for outlining the lips, yet practical enough to use as a normal lipstick. Liner is essential to creating the perfectly shaped pout and it is recommending to completely fill in the lip.


Once the liner has mapped out it’s territory on the lips, a stain can be applied on top (Our “Poise” Lip Stain featured below on the left). This is best distributed with a lip brush for even coverage. Stains are useful because they provide sheen & hydration, but do not turn “gooey” throughout they’re duration on the lips.

11428571_10101369399750827_1043395441_n   1415797_10151726104298157_653840064_n

Another popular texture is a Matte Red Lip. Instead of a shiny or glossy pout, opt for a 1 dimension lip texture, that will read powdery in finish. The best product to achieve this finish is a Mattifier-Powder (Our “Creep” Lip Mattifier featured above to the right). It is best applied onto the lips with a stiff eyeshadow brush.

"Classic Red" Lip Liner
“Classic Red” Lip Liner
“Poise” Lip Stain
"Cyanide"  Red Lip Mattifier
“Creep” Red Lip Mattifier

Are We Meant 2 Be?

1431023995922In relationship milestones, two years seems to be the first major one foreshadowing its future. It is recommended that couples date two years minimum to really get to know one another before tying the knot. After getting hitched, research shows that how a couple weathers their first two years together can make of break their marriage. I believe the same “two year rule” applies for the relationship between business & owner. The following are red flags to watch out for and reflect upon once the two year mark has been reached:

Lack of Romance

"I went to sleep thinking about you, and I woke up just the same."
“I went to sleep thinking about you, and I woke up just the same.”

I believe the owner needs to constantly fall in love with their business- and make efforts and gestures to do so. Micro gestures lead to macro emotions. I know to constantly reignite passion and love for my business, I romanticize my atmosphere by creating a fun mood: a bouquet of prop-sized flowers, candles scattered throughout the studio, custom playlists, and creating new art to display. I also believe reminiscing is a healthy and necessary practice to incorporate. Just like looking back on the days of a budding relationship, I enjoy reading old journal entries, photos, and videos of the early days of my business. It brings back mixed emotions and reminds me of how far my business and I have come.

Inability to Have Fun Together

"Life is better when you're laughing."
“Life is better when you’re laughing.”

I am my business and my business is me. I work alone a lot, or individually with clients. I’ve been fortunate enough to have several stylist friends in the salon business I collaborate with for hair and makeup, and I love every second of it when we are on shoots together. Professionalism still remains at the forefront of my presentation, but I enjoy cracking jokes and enjoying time while doing my work efficiently.

Overspending of Money & Time on Other Things

"Do with less."
“Do with less.”

Just like living space for a couple, the space for conducting business needs to be equipped without spending too much money. Keeping overhead low is one of the most recommended tips for housing and business spaces. I’ve been fortunate enough to find a small, quaint studio space where I conduct retail, services, and office work all in one. Every inch is used every day, so time and money is being properly utilized and not overspent. Having a smaller space also prevents me from having leisure items like TV, lounge couch, bar, or even people,  so I can keep focused on the tasks at hand.

Married Before 25

"Nothing will ruin your early twenties more than thinking you should have your life together already."
“Nothing will ruin your early twenties more than thinking you should have your life together already.”

Everyone has their own timeline + path, but I began my business at age 25. A lot changes every year, so I felt like when I hit 25, I developed my stride and knew who I (and my business) was and was not. Years prior I had to experiment, have trial and error moments, edit my lifestyle choices. At age 25, I had graduated college, lived & worked in NYC for two years, and finally acquired the gumption to be something remarkable: a Makeup Artist in my micropolitan hometown, Paducah.

It’s Ok To Wear Makeup To The Gym

Alex Valderana Photography

For anyone that works out, plays team sports, or goes to the gym regularly, you might notice the women who wear lipstick with their hair down, wondering how on earth they plan on getting a decent workout in. The first assumption regarding the women that appear “primped” for the gym is that they are usually trying to impress someone. But, what are the other possible reasons?

I have been doing makeup professionally for 5 years. I did not dream of becoming a Makeup Artist when I was in high school, BUT that is when I first realized the powerful correlation between Exercise performance & Makeup. In school, I was heavily invested into the sport of soccer- Fall league, Spring league, Indoor, Futsol… You name it, I did it! There were always several factors, internally (injuries, hydration) and externally (weather, temperature, opponents) that would affect the finesse of my sports performance. The one factor I could control was my self-confidence. I noticed on days that I chose not to wear eyeliner or mascara, I did not feel as confident in myself, especially during sports & training. On the days I did wear eyeliner & mascara, I felt more animated and my performance benefitted. Makeup (as well as wardrobe, hair & nails) contains a huge psychological applicator. Some people feel that wearing makeup for physical exercise defeats the purpose of breaking a sweat, but for some, the incentive of self-confidence in embedded inside this act.

I welcome you to try this experiment: Do your habitual exercise with a bare face. Then, do the same routine on a different day with some makeup on (it can be as little as mascara and chapstick, or as much as winged liner and blush). Test out the difference. See if your self-confidence improves at all. Wearing makeup while exercising is not for everyone, but for some it is a staple-piece for a successful workout.

Why Makeup Artistry Costs “That Much”

I receive quite a few messages every day, inquiring about my makeup services. I have been fortunate to have a great success rate of booking clients without any hesitation, as well as a fantastic repeat clientele rate. That is a sign that my brand reflects the value I offer and viewers SEE that. However, every once in a while, THE question will pop up: “Why do you cost that much?”. I must admit, this question is asked when the inquiry is coming from someone that is accustomed to salon, spa, or beauty counter blueprints, which is to be expected in our area. Those are primarily the options. Inquirers also usually have not navigated my website or social media pages to investigate my background or my business. I run COMPLETELY different than other makeup service suppliers. I have to honestly thank the few that still ask me this question, because it provides me with the opportunity to educate the value of my offerings & dissect everything that goes into my makeup services for those unfamiliar with Professional Makeup Artistry. Once I break it down, inquiries turn into bookings. Here are all the elements included when ones decides to book with F.A.C.E. Makeup Artistry!

TIME: The time it takes to open up the studio (turn on lights, dust displays, sweep floor, set out portable light posts, turn on music); Wash brushes & sponges, clean & sanitize products; Correspondence (phone, email, contracts); Actual appointment slot booked for application; Repeating the cleaning process again; Ordering inventory for bookings.

PRODUCTS: This includes skincare & makeup products being applied; Touch up kits; Brushes, sponges, and disposables; False Lashes & glue; Bottled Water; Face Charts.

EDUCATION: This is a BIG one! This includes my past formal education (Makeup First School in Chicago, Linda Mason: The Art of Beauty-Intensive in NYC, & The Glam Academy in NJ) and continued education (MAC Pro, Makeup Forever Pro Masterclasses). These are all Makeup-specific formal academies. Every minute is dedicated to the art & business of Makeup! My Bachelors of Science in Fashion & Minor in Marketing has provided impactful leverage for my brand artistry & business blueprint as well.

EXPERIENCE: Another HUGE one! This includes the resume worthy gigs from NYC, Chicago, & Nashville that I have worked on that have taught me top-notch industry experience as well as prestigious projects in the surrounding local community (Talon Falls, Burning Kentucky movie, Tracy Badger music videos).

GAS/TRANSPORTATION: The gas, wear & tear on vehicle, and mileage of commute to accommodate clients in-studio or on-location.

RENT/UTILITIES: The studio space rented to accommodate clients. It is private & 1-on-1 (no other clients receiving beauty services the same time as another, unless otherwise specified) SPECIALIZED to Makeup ONLY, and houses several brands and lines-including my own. Clients are not required to supply their own makeup or be limited to just one brand during applications.

ATMOSPHERE: Downtown location, in the hub of the arts, just steps away from the Ohio River; The perfect balance of white walls, natural light, & professional daylight bulbs for ultimate applications; Convenient parking; Inspiring, fun, and artistic view on beauty.

MARKETING MATERIAL: Includes website, videos, business cards, promo packets, email newsletters, photos; The convenience of potential clients finding me online when they search for makeup services, and current clients keeping up-to-date with new projects, products, and offerings becoming available. I am “find-able”.

Top 10 Makeup Gigs That Have Set Me Up For Successful Small Town Business

The 2 year anniversary of my Makeup business relocating back to Paducah, KY is around the corner. It is still hard to wrap my head around the fact that I had worked in both Chicago & NYC before deciding to permanently land back here. Each city feels like another separate life…It really is in a way.

Paducah, along with several other parts of the surrounding midwest, has received unforgiving winter weather all week. The result: the majority of my appointments being cancelled & time to reflect and work diligently on other parts of the business. As one of my favorite artists/authors, Austin Kleon says, “Bad weather leads to better art”. In my case, bad weather leads to better writing (a complete resurgence, actually).

With this opportunity to reflect, I HAVE to mention some of the amazing opportunities of my past that have paved the way for my present status. There are several other Paducah locals with the same stories: going away, learning from the best/earning top notch credentials, and returning home to localize and provide economic development. Here are my top 10 Favorite Makeup Projects I’ve worked on (in no particular order) that have helped set me up for a successful “big city profession” in a small town:

1. Secondhand Serenade  “Shake It Off” Music Video 

Photo by Seleste Villarreal
Photo by Seleste Villarreal

2. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

3. Vans Warped Tour 

Photo by Jessica Rumsey
Photo by Jessica Rumsey

4. Glamour Magazine

Photo by Aaron Richter
Photo by Aaron Richter

5. SNL Personalities: Jason Sudeikis, Taran Kilam, & Bobby Moynihan

6. Iconapop Cover Shoot

Photo by Zeko Eon
Photo by Zeko Eon

7. Motionless In White “Devil’s Night” Music Video

Photo by gAK Photography
Photo by gAK Photography

8. MODO Magazine Shoot

Photo by Ssam Kim
Photo by Ssam Kim

9. Andrew W.K.

10. Allure Magazine

Photos by Patrick Demarchelier
Photos by Patrick Demarchelier

Valentine’s Day Open House

This past Friday-Valentine’s Day, we hosted a little Open House gathering at the makeup boutique. It was a great opportunity for gals to come in and shop for themselves or someone else with a 20% off store items. Ladies also received mini makeovers and could create custom makeup compacts  (pick out their own eyeshadows, blush, lipsticks to be placed in an adorable, fun compact.

Despite the cold, rain, and 2 hours of the power going out, we still had a wonderful, dedicated turn out and even managed to snap a few photos of the event!

Thanks to Sara Falder of Flower + Furbish for the pretty flowers 😉





Homecoming Makeup


For the public schools, Homecoming was in late October (I believe Private schools are in Jan.) locally. We managed to snag some images of some behind-the-scenes fun in the downtown Boutique.

One look was a bright red matte sculpted lip and copper eyeshadow.


The other look was bronzed & gold complexion with a pink flushes blush.

Two timeless applications on 2 gorgeous girls!