Beauty Adventure Road Map

School is out, Summer is around the corner, and travel is resuming. For myself and many around me, I can feel the deep need for an escape, adventure, vacation or curiosity-chase. We know how both cosmetics and travel are vehicles for self-discovery. Mingled together, there’s really something unique.

We already know how the refurbished souvenir-style compacts at F.A.C.E. invite purchasers to use as a map to explore through psychogeography. This refers to the act of exploring a territory in a nontraditional way. We can choose to explore in ways that incorporate randomness and spontaneity, and in doing so we may transform our familiar cartography into something unexpected.

But, what about an actual Beauty Adventure Road Trip? Upon researching, there are several beauty landmarks scattered over the United States. These businesses honor the history of cosmetics and participate in travel and tourisms in their own regions. From the world’s only beauty saloon offering manicures + martini’s, to a Joshua Tree “hairstorian”, and a makeup compact art gallery right here in Paducah (that’s us!), there are so many unique beauty + travel fusion experiences in America.

Makeup Museum: New York City, NY

F.A.C.E. Makeup Artistry: Paducah, KY

Beauty Bar: Chicago, IL

Besamé Cosmetics: Burbank, CA

Beauty Bubble Salon + Museum: Joshua Tree, CA

Leila’s Hair Museum: Independence, MO

BITE Beauty Lab: Las Vegas, NV

Hollywood Museum: Los Angeles, LA

Getting Away And How It Helps

Although December might be the busiest month for my business (all the holiday appointments and shopping sales) and my social schedule (my birthday is the day after Christmas), I felt a massive urge to get away for a few days at the beginning of this month. Fortunately, I am someone who is provided with the opportunity to travel frequently, but 9 times out of 10, it is work-related. When I travel to a new territory for business, I very rarely take time to partake in leisure activities, simply because I am there to perform contractual work. I take my work seriously and stick to a tight and reliable schedule.

This past week, I decided to invest in a 2 day getaway with Dave (my boyfriend) where I did not have a client to service or continuing education classes scheduled. At our leisure, we packed up our car with clothes and groceries, drove only 1 hour away to Southern Illinois and spent 2 nights in a treehouse cabin and hiked during the daytime.


I admit, at first I felt guilty taking two days off of work during the busiest & most saturated part of the shopping year. I could vacation in January, when everything is significantly more quiet for the makeup industry. I had a lot to plan for the remainder of this month and even more to plan for my 2016 calendar year. I was stuck and one thing about creativity I know for sure-it can’t be forced. The urge to get away sooner rather than later proved to be successful for me. This is why:

When I escaped from home- the place I spent most of my time, my mind suddenly became aware of all the ideas it naturally restrained in its normal environment. Getting away was (and my guess is that it will continue to be) an essential habit of successful thinking for me. Somehow, taking time to get away from work, allowed me to problem-solve business related elements & I came home with a new perspective. Together, Dave and I hashed out ideas about each other’s respective businesses and upcoming projects (he’s in a band), that we might not notice or think of on our normal “turf”.


In the words of Jonah Lehrer, “We travel because we need to, because distance and difference are the secret tonic of creativity. When we get home, home is still the same. But something in our mind has been changed, and that changes everything.” unnamedunnamedunnamed

Warped Wrap


The second date of Warped Tour was in St. Louis and was another hit!

Ash Costello of “New Years Day” hung out at our tent and scored the “In Your Nightmares” Makeup Compact inspired by her iconic makeup look. She scooped up an “In Your Nightmares” compact to give to Chris Motionless who I worked with on the “Devil’s Night Music Video.

Jeffree Star also has f.a.c.e. Makeup Artistry’s Makeup Compact in his possession. He inspired the “Hollywood” compact.

I couldn’t have asked for a better group of girls to bring along with me: Antonya & Jessica. They have the coolest/prettiest makeup looks, so it was mandatory I had them work Warped Tour with me.

We sold a ton of compact at STL, and we still have a limited amount available online:

Until next year!!!

Behind The Scenes: Warped Tour Chicago


This summer f.a.c.e Makeup Artistry, LLC hit the pavement and toured select dates on the Vans Warped Tour 2013, a popular alternative music festival.

I took a hefty risk to sell/vend/apply makeup in 90 degree weather, and although it wasn’t easy, it was highly successful. I trusted my gut, since I could not get the idea to sell custom compacts out of my head.

The idea for vending at f.a.c.e. Makeup Artistry, LLC for Warped Tour was to sell makeup compacts that were inspired by iconic musicians that have had a big impact by their makeup. The 6 different compacts come with a face chart on the front. Once opened 2 eyeshadows, a lip color, applicators, and mirror are all packaged inside to recreate the look on the cover. The compacts are designed from mini cd cases, providing the perfect fusion of makeup and music: perfect item for f.a.c.e. Makeup Artistry, LLC at Vans Warped Tour!

The 6 artists selected to inspire the compacts were:

  1. Katy Perry- “Pin Me Up”
  2. Hayley Williams of Paramore- “Punky”
  3. Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless- “Dark & Stormy”
  4. Ash Costello of New Years Day- “In Your Nightmares”
  5. Chris Motionless of Motionless In White- “Midnight Dreary”
  6. Jeffree Star- “Hollywood”

These compacts SOLD OUT in CHICAGO, but back by popular demand, they are available online here:

Warped Tour 2013

I’m going pretty outside of the box as far as vendor submissions go for the Vans Warped Tour this year. I’ve never seen a makeup booth set up, but I think it could really work. The biggest factor in trying to persuade individuals that this is a practical service is the heat factor…

The last thing people want in 100 degree weather is heavy makeup melting down their skin. Right! I know, I get it & agree. The feeling really only occurs with foundation though. By waterproofing and applying great primers for applications, all of this can be prevented.

I want to provide iconic makeup applications from lead singers of Warped Tours past. All 6 options deal with iconic eye makeup and some contouring (no foundation applied). The looks can be completed within 10-20 min, so tour-goers won’t miss their favorite bands.

I feel that makeup goes quite hand-in-hand with music. They both bring something from the inside to the exterior when applied/played. Makeup applications can actually enhance the musical & artistic experience/expression that Warped Tour is all about!

While brainstorming with face charts of the artists for these looks, I came up with the following icons: Hayley Williams, Taylor Momsen, Katy Perry, Chris Motionless, Jeffree Star, Ash Costello. They all have great signature eye makeup that’s easy to recognize and I feel like fans could bond over that (even though the looks are based off of past warped tour icons).

Now, to figure out the logistics, cost, pricing, pitch etc. I will find out in March. Fingers Crossed!

P.S. This link tells you everything you need to know about makeup face charts. Rather mind blowing!