I just got word that I got accepted to be a Vans Warped Tour vendor this summer (for St. Louis, Detroit, Chicago, & Milwaukee dates).

Below is a little bit of a description of what can be expected:

f.a.c.e Makeup Artistry (my brand) intends to sell both services and products as a Warped Tour vendor.

We know we are dealing with triple digits for the majority of the tour.  Glamorous beauty applications are not practical for the environment & heat. The makeup applications are intended to be raw just like the live music and attitudes that come to the Warped Tour.

As a vendor on the tour, f.a.c.e. Makeup Artistry intends to offer the following services:

Eyes of Warped (Makeup Compacts): $25 (product)

Artists on the Warped Tour have influenced the way fans dress, look, & act. Makeup is heavily visible when it comes to these influences. The different relatable makeup styles promoted by our compacts are called “Pin Me Up”, “In Your Nightmares”, “Punky”, “Midnight Dreary”, “Hollywood”, “Dark & Stormy”.

f.a.c.e. Makeup Artistry offers compacts with the products necessary to cater to the different styles of makeup we see at Warped Tour and the ability to duplicate them. Each customer can relate to a certain style/look, allowing them to feel like they are purchasing a personalized souvenir.

Eyes of Warped: $10 (service)

Warped Tour has been a platform for many artists to grow from and take their careers to the next level. It’s also been a buffet of alternative appearances and makeup is responsible for a huge portion of them.

f.a.c.e. Makeup Artistry provides these replicated makeup applications to demonstrate & promote the “Eyes of Warped” compacts for sale as well as enhance the Warped Tour experience.

Train Wreck Touch Ups: $5 (service)

With the heat, sweat, moshing, and headbanging, makeup slides around and off of  tour-goers faces, looking like an absolute trainwreck. f.a.c.e. Makeup Artistry provide touch ups in minutes to “freshen up” smudged/sweaty makeup, keeping fans looking good throughout the day. We also provide complimentary Before & After polaroids  of the Trainwreck Touch Ups for fans to take with them as  souvenirs.

Artist Comp: free (service)

f.a.c.e. Makeup Artistry provides complimentary makeup applications for any Warped Tour musical artist that would like the services we offer.

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