The Compliment I Never Get

10478238_10154445985690601_1167239272556135407_nWorking in the Bridal industry as a Makeup Artist has allowed me to collaborate with several hair salons and companies. I LOVE collaboration…that’s when the best product occurs! I’ll admit, I get my fair share of gals swooning over my work, but there is usually one compliment that I hear about hairstylists that I usually don’t ever hear about me (as a Makeup Artist): “She did that SO fast!” How do hairstylists get their “assignments” done so much faster than I do mine? I had to really step back, make notes, and compare, but I’ve figured it out and it makes total sense! Now I can really grasp the difference of process and needs of hairSTYLING (not coloring or cutting) versus Makeup Artistry. These 2 specializations are so closely related, but work differently in terms of what is needed from the client. I am a cosmetologist, but a Makeup Artist first and foremost. I have a lot more experience understanding what I need to get my Makeup jobs done successfully. Being able to compare the two, I can share the following:

I need an hour to do makeup on a client. An hour and a half for Bridal Makeup. This statement often times gets questioning faces. Why would makeup take so long?

  • Even though I provide a heads up to arrive bare-faced, clients are usually coming from work or another commitment, and have some amount of makeup on their face when they walk in. It takes a good 10 minutes to efficiently take off their current makeup, and prep with skincare before even beginning the actual makeup application.
  • Having a mini-consultation. Since Makeup typically works with new and different people in the chair (as opposed to having regular monthly/weekly clients with hairstyling), I have to carve out time to ask questions such as skin type, analyze skin tone, figure out any allergies to products, and discover the client’s makeup style & desires. I do try to acquire as much of this information prior to appointments, but needs vary and change.
  • Since society is glued to their phones (myself included), Makeup applications take immensely longer to complete than they really should. I’ve realized I cannot efficiently apply eyeliner if a client is looking down at their phone when I need them to look somewhere else or to close their eyes. I’ve also discovered I cannot apply face makeup to a client who holds their phone to their ear. I cannot shape brows when client’s expressively lift them them when they speak. And guess, what? I cannot apply lipstick to someone’s lips that are talking on the phone (or just in general, for that matter). Can you imagine a Bride on her wedding day? (All of the above still happen, even when I instill a no/low cell phone policy).
  • Styling hair while applying Makeup at the same time is a set up for disaster in a short timeframe. I cannot do eyeliner or mascara if hair is being tugged back & forth. I would poke an eye out! Sure, some steps can be done, but again, this is why it takes longer.

I acknowledge that I will very rarely receive a compliment for lightning speed service. That doesn’t really matter to me. What does matter is that my clients know and understand WHY I need longer appointment slots!