Through The Powder Group, I took some fun seminars this past weekend. Fashion Week 411 with James Vincent was held at the Makeup Forever Studio here in NYC.

This was a beneficial class because so much has changed in the past few years when it comes to being a makeup artist on a fashion week team.

Here are (SOME) mind-blowing as well as interesting facts James provided to attendees:

The MOST PRESTIGIOUS Fashion Week Shows are held in the following areas: New York, Paris, Milan, London (all other cities are below in ranking…ex: LA, Chicago, Miami).

Each one of these cities have different personalities and are DIFFICULT to become involved with.

NYC= For the Buyers interest
Paris= Couture (artistry)
Milan= About cut/textiles
London= where modern fashion shows originated

(I live in NYC, so the information geared toward NYFW is what I took the most notes on).

*Fashion Shows do not pay what they USED to, so don’t expect to live off of doing makeup for runway shows.

*Today, brands sponsor designers and their shows, so key artists don’t have the opportunity to hand pick their entire team.

It’s wise to contact the Pro divisions of brands that are sponsoring shows.

This is nowhere near the amount of information I learned in just 2 hours. I recommend taking this class next season when it comes around!

It’s fascinating to hear how much the industry has changed over the years. I’m curious to see what direction it goes down in the near future.

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