The Powder Group Seminars


3 mini classes took place at the Makeup Forever Studio with instructor/speaker/artist, James Vincent.

It was a small group for each session, so he could provide us individual attention and advice.

The three classes consisted of:

1.) Building Your Holiday Client Business

2.) Holiday Trend Makeup

3.) Kit Focus

It was information overload (in the best of ways) and quite motivating to prepare new ideas for the new year.

One of the most interesting pieces of information that I learned yesterday was this:

A decade ago there were only about 100 freelance makeup artists in NYC. (There was only one MAC store!). Now there are over 7,000 freelance makeup artists working here. It’s important to rethink our strategies and work both smarter and harder. Marketing oneself as an artist is THE most important thing in today’s society.

I’m on it!

Vooza Webisode

A few weeks ago, I rejoined with the cast and crew from the comedy web series Vooza.  Along with powdering noses, I had the best challenge of designing and drawing a faux “tramp stamp” sign up button tattoo.